ScholarCon 2014

July 24-27, 2014 | Orlando, Florida

RT @ao_BookQuotes: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” - C.S. Lewis.
Live Updates!

ScholarCon is a product of the collaboration of several honor societies. Click here to see the partnered societies.

Want that "leg-up" in your job search? That's what our Career BootCamp is for!

Kal Penn has signed on to speak at Depauw's Commencement May 18th. This ScholarCon speaker's in high demand!

We've added more Spark Sessions speakers to the lineup!

Check out this interview with Eric Kuhn at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2013.

Julia Garcia, co-founder/CEO of the TRU movement, is heading our Diversity University Spark Session!


John Legend knows the importance of having mentors - his just happen to be Prince and the late Michael Jackson!

Ever stayed in a hotel with alligators and a ship inside the building? Then you've never stayed at the Gaylord!

Check out Spark Session speaker, Jullien Gordon's TEDx Midwest talk, "Driving School for Life."

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ScholarCon is a four-day jampacked event that will make you feel like four days was not enough! Click to see the full overview.


Inspirational, motivational, controversial...and a song currently on the Top 100 Spotify list? Oh yeah, they're cool.


You're smart, you go to class, you have an internship...but what else? Learn the skills college won't teach you. Choose your course.


For those of you who like to know what you're doing every minute of the day...We get it. We're high achievers too.


We've designed a Career BootCamp to provide you with the tools necessary to stand out from the crowd in the recruiting process.


So how does one get to the most magical place on earth? We've got it mapped.


Organized with honor, ScholarCon is endorsed by ACHS and hosted by a collaboration of collegiate honor societies.


Lodging wasn't accurate. Hotel isn't enough. The Gaylord is an all-out indoor complexatopia. Even made-up words cannot describe...


Does "geek chic", "unconvential", "disruptive" or "funnapalooza" sound like your brand? Join the companies who support ScholarCon.


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ScholarCon is a program for high achievers developed by NSCS and hosted in collaboration with other honors organizations. ©